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Outright Games pledges to donate £100,000 on World Children's Day

Outright Games has announced that it will donate up to £100,000 to UNICEF on World Children’s Day.

The donation will be via digital sales profits generated across 24 hours on November 20.

Outright Games and UNICEF’s partnership began in May 2023, aiming to raise money for the Resources for Results Fund.

The fund intends to help the organization develop new methods to address children’s challenges and respond to humanitarian emergencies.

Outright Games said it has committed to raising a minimum of £200,000 for UNICEF a year from digital proceeds.

Outright Games COO Stephanie Malham said, “It has been an incredible 2023 so far, working with such an impactful partner as UNICEF to help the world’s most vulnerable children.

“We really wanted to mark World Children’s Day in a meaningful way as this is an incredibly important time to help raise awareness for the rights of children around the world.”

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