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Annapurna acquires 24 Bit Games

Entertainment company Annapurna has acquired South Africa-based 24 Bit Games.

With the acquisition, Annapurna aims to help the games firm expand its proprietary technology and staff.

24 Bit Games was established in 2012, and it has ported and co-developed projects such as Cocoon, Neon White, and Maquette.

“We deeply respect Annapurna’s approach to curating a portfolio of great games, its value system around building and extending IP, and the company culture,” said 24 Bit CEO Luke Lamothe.

“We have truly enjoyed working together over the years, and we believe we are joining Annapurna at an exciting moment of growth and expansion.”

24 Bit’s personnel and leadership will operate as it has, now as an Annapurna subsidiary.

Additionally, both companies said they will continue 24 Bit’s goal of supporting the South African game development scene.

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