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Ready or Not dev Void Interactive confirms it was hacked, says no user or staff data was breached

Void Interactive, the developer behind SWAT team shooter Ready or Not, has confirmed reports that it has been hacked.

Earlier this week, Insider Gaming reported the studio had suffered a breach that stole over 4TB of data, including the complete source code for Ready or Not.

In a statement to Kotaku, the company confirmed a data breach had taken place but said the damage was more limited than has been reported, assuring that all player data is safe.

The developer said that the hackers were able to take screenshots of “top-level project and company-related information” but added that this “does not involve any sensitive data leakage.”

“We can confirm that no user-related data or staff information has been breached during this incident,” a Void Interactive spokesperson said. “Our top priority remains the security and privacy of our users and contributors (we do not capture any personal user information in the first place).

“Furthermore, we have confirmed that some source code as well as directory information has been stolen as a result of this breach. Our development assets and proprietary code remain secure and intact.”

Void Interactive attributed the hack to “critical vulnerabilities” in TeamCity’s cloud services, which it used to manage the various builds of the game. The studio said its investigation is ongoing, but so far it appears the attack was “limited to the TeamCity services interface.”

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