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Studio Folly to donate 10% of Gubbins' revenue to charity

Studio Folly has pledged that 10% of the earnings from its title Gubbins will go to charity.

The Australian developer’s proceeds will go to The Foundation to Decrease World Suck (TFDWS).

The organization has distributed funds to non-profits such as UNICEF, War Child, and The Trevor Project. TFDWS also aims to increase the awareness of charities.

Studio Folly’s 10% donation was part of a deal the developer signed with TFDWS director Hank Green, who revealed the details on social media.

Green said, “We got on the phone and they talked about how freaking hard it is to do anything interesting in the mobile game space and how they were having a difficult financial time making it to the finish line. I made a weird proposal…”

“I offered them a fair-sized hunk of cash and, in return, I asked that they donate 10% of the profit of the game to The Foundation to Decrease World Suck.”

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