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Roughly half of Devolver's Artificer studio laid off

Kotaku is reporting that Polish studio Artificer laid off roughly half of its team today, or around 25 people.

The studio’s last game was the turn-based tactics title Showgunners, which launched on Steam in May and holds a “Very Positive” review average.

Kotaku reports that further cuts are expected, with another 10-12 of the remaining developers sticking around “for a few months” to finish up work on Artificer’s next game, at which point they too will be laid off.

Artificer owner Devolver Digital did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Devolver took ownership of Artificer in January of 2021 when it acquired the studio’s parent company Good Shepherd Entertainment.

Good Shepherd originally purchased a majority stake in Artificer in 2019.

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