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Volition alum launch Shapeshifter Games

A cohort of Volition Games veterans have formed Shapeshifter Games.

Matt Madigan will serve as studio head for the new co-development game studio.

In announcing the studio’s establishment on social media, Madigan said, “Our goal is to grow and assist developers and publishers by providing a sustainable workforce model. It has been great reconnecting with former colleagues and a great opportunity to help others who have been affected by the industry.”

Additionally, Shapeshifter partnered with InXile Entertainment as a co-developer for the upcoming RPG Clockwork Revolution.

InXile president Chris Keenan said, “First priority was ensuring these folks had a place to land on Clockwork Revolution, and we’re we’re thankful we were able to get it done so quickly. Bringing in new development partners can be challenging, but this was a rare partnership that felt right from the beginning.”

The news comes five months after Volition Games closed down as a part of Embracer’s ongoing restructuring program.

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