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Toca Boca and Mojang alum unveil games studio Roro

Ex-Mojang Studios and Toca Boca staffers have formed a new game development studio, Roro.

It was founded by CEO William Sampson and Robin Flodin, whom is joined by Kristoffer Jelbring.

Sampson previously served as general manager of Toca Boca; he was with the mobile games firm for four years. Flodin’s work experience includes a seven-year stint as CEO of Toadman Interactive.

Meanwhile, during Jelbring’s career, he worked at Mojang Studios for nine years.

Roro has also secured €1.5m in its first investment, led by, while FOV Ventures also participated.

The investment will go towards the development of the studio’s debut project featuring an interactive digital dollhouse.

“The industry has become much more aware of the potential of pure play in the last decade or so, but creative play and self-expression is overlooked with few studios building new quality experiences for our audience,” said Sampson.

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