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Twitch viewership grows by 6% in January

Twitch’s viewership saw a 6% bump in its January performance as it hit 1.9 billion hours watched, according to StreamElements and Rainmaker. gg’s monthly State of the Stream report.

The streaming platform reached 1.8 billion hours throughout the month last year.

During the 31-day month, daily hours watched reached 61.4 million, which has continued growing since September 2023.

Meanwhile, the survival game Palworld debuted among the most watched titles of the month, as it pulled in 59 million hours watched.

January’s top-viewed games still saw Grand Theft Auto 5 and League of Legends leading viewership.

Twitch drops, rewards granted for watching content and channels, were attributed to Escape from Tarkov’s jump to the third most-watched title.

Twitch’s most-watched games during December are listed below:

Grand Theft Auto 5 – 179 million
League of Legends – 101 million
Escape from Tarkov – 82 million
Fortnite – 66 million
Palworld – 59 million
Valorant – 57 million
CS: GO – 51 million
Minecraft – 45 million
DOTA 2 – 43 million

Stream Elements co-founder Or Perry said, “It is promising to see Twitch achieving a new peak with five consecutive months of growth in daily hours watched. However, it is too soon to know if the broader gaming audience is finally embracing the platform as January always attracts more viewers than December.”

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