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Related Posts to host social event at GDC 2024 and the Games Industry Gathering are teaming up on a party to be held in San Francisco during GDC next month.

The Games Industry Social: San Francisco 2024 Edition will take place Monday, March 18 and run from 5pm – 9pm (PT) at a location a short drive from the Moscone Center.

Attendance is free, although anyone wishing to attend must first be vetted members of the Games Industry Gathering. It’s completely free to be part of the GIG. Details on how to sign-up are through here.

The event has been sponsored by communications and marketing agency 1SP and Renaissance PR. As a result, attendees will also receive vouchers that can be used at various food trucks around the venue.

The event will also feature the return of the GamesIndustry.quiz — a ‘pub quiz’ that will challenge your gaming knowledge and expertise.

Security has been hired for the event, and all attendees are required to follow the GIG membership rules. is also an official media partner to GDC 2024, and will be present across the show conducting interviews, breaking stories and covering key sessions.

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