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Temtem to drop microtransactions in June

Temtem developer Crema has announced it will be dropping microtransactions from the game this June.

In an open letter shared on Steam, the Spanish developer acknowledged player feedback and addressed issues including microtransactions and monetisation.

“We understand the monetisation system on Temtem was deemed out of place for a lot of players, with our game not following the traditional rules of a live-service game,” it wrote.

“While it’s still very early to talk about monetisation for future projects, we have learned from this situation and the lesson is clear, and will keep these learnings in mind for the future.”

As a result, Temtem’s monetisation system will be removed alongside microtransactions following the game’s 1.7 patch due to be released in early June.

The game’s premium currency Nova will not be purchasable beyond this date, but users that still own some will be able to continue to use them to purchase items such as cosmetics.

All items that were previously only available by using Nova will be available to obtain with Temtem’s in-game currency known as Feathers.

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