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Nine Dots branches out into publishing

Outward developer Nine Dots Studio has announced its plan to publish third-party games, with the launch of Nine Dots Publishing.

Speaking to GamesBeat, Nine Dots CEO Guillaume Boucher-Vidal said the studio will continue developing and publishing its own games, but will partner with other studios to publish their titles.

The Quebec-based studio said it planned to invest $1 million to $2.5 million in publishing projects, with a focus on console and PC titles.

“My previous experiences as a developer working with publishers made it clear that such relationships were much more painful and difficult than they needed to be,” said Boucher-Vidal.

“I started Nine Dots to prove that we could make games in a way that was more respectful to developers and to the audience, without compromising on productivity or quality.

“Now, it’s a natural next step to extend this vision of respect from the position of a publisher. I believe in creating value, rather than extracting it. This mindset will guide our decisions in business just like it did in game development.”

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