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Xbox's Sarah Bond: Apple's new EU policy "a step in the wrong direction"

Xbox president Sarah Bond has spoken out against Apple’s changes to iOS, saying the new policy designed to comply with the European Union’s Digital Markets Act is a “step in the wrong direction.”

While the iOS firm is opening up its mobile ecosystem to allow third-party app stores, as required by the DMA, but it’s introducing a 17% commission fee on all transactions for companies that use it, as well as a “core technology fee” of €0.50 for each install per year after the first million.

Posting on X, Sarah Bond wrote: “We believe constructive conversations drive change and progress towards open platforms and greater competition.

“Apple’s new policy is a step in the wrong direction. We hope they listen to feedback on their proposed plan and work towards a more inclusive future for all.”

Bond’s post was quoting a thread by Spotify founder and CEO Daniel Ek, who described Apple’s revised terms as “a new low, even for them” and “a masterclass in distortion.”

“Sadly this is a classic move of an old, dominant company that believes the rules don’t apply to them,” he wrote. Instead of adapting and innovating, they’re twisting the situation, making it seem like the regulators are at fault. Or even worse, pretending this has to do with security when it’s clearly a plot to drive their own profits.”

Apple also announced last week that it was opening up iOS to game streaming apps on a worldwide basis. Microsoft has previously criticised the company for blocking such apps, including its own cloud version of Xbox Game Pass.

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