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Xbox's Partner Preview reveals slate of new games launching in 2024

Today’s Xbox Partner Preview featured reveals, launches, and a showcase of games planned for 2024.

Among the newer third party games shown was Inverge Studios’ Creatures of Ava. The non-violent title will have players take on the role of a creature saver on a distant planet. Its planned release window is 2024.

However, not all new games shown during the presentation had a release date, such as Riff Raff Games’ Sleight of Hand, which is described as a hard-boiled third-person stealth sim.

New titles revealed during the Xbox Partner Preview are listed below:

The Alters – 11 Bit studios – TBA
Frostpunk 2 – 11 Bit Studios – July 25, 2024
Monster Jam Showdown – 2024
The Sinking City 2 – Frogware – 2025

The presentation also revealed new content planned for recently launched games. Persona 3 Reload will receive its DLC Episode Aigis this September. Roblox received new content in Griefville: Survive the Nightmare, which features the horror movie character Chucky.

Meanwhile, Game World launched Stalker: Legends of the Zone trilogy today for Xbox Series X|S systems.

The Xbox Partner Preview also unveiled that the MMO Final Fantasy 14 will be released on March 21.

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