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Xbox forms new game preservation and platforms teams, moves AI division under hardware

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Xbox Emerging Technologies team, which works on AI, moved under hardware division
New organisations include Xbox Experiences and Platforms and dedicated preservation team
CVP of emerging technology Kareem Choudhry leaves after 26 years

Microsoft has seen more changes behind the scenes, including the creation of two new teams dedicated to experiences and platforms, as well as game preservation.

Windows Central reported that Xbox Emerging Technologies — a relatively new team believed to be primarily focused on AI — has now been moved into the Xbox hardware division, which is led by Roanne Sones, in order to “accelerate innovation in that space.”

The emerging tech team was previously led by corporate vice president Kareem Choudhry, who now departs from Microsoft after 26 years. He was previously CVP for cloud gaming and oversaw Xbox’s entry into the games streaming space.

There are two new teams within Xbox, one being a organisation known as Xbox Experiences and Platforms, which is said to be focused on improving the overall user experience on both Xbox consoles and Windows. This is led by Ashley McKissick and Kevin Gammill.

Meanwhile, an internal email from Xbox president Sarah Bond – also reported by Windows Central – revealed the platform holder has created a new team that is focused on ensuring titles are playable on future Xbox devices.

“We have formed a new team dedicated to game preservation, important to all of us at Xbox and the industry itself,” Bond wrote. “We are building on our strong history of delivering backwards compatibility to our players, and we remain committed to bringing forward the amazing library of Xbox games for future generations of players to enjoy.”

Other changes includes Catherine Gluckstein heading up the Xbox Strategy and Regulatory team, while Jennifer Creegan moves from Microsoft Advertising to lead Microsoft Gaming’s analytics and business planning.

Microsoft has undergone several significant changes in the past six months, starting with the integration of Activision Blizzard.

The Xbox firm has also been hit by widespread layoffs, with Microsoft announcing in January it was letting 1,900 people go.

In her email, Bond said of the company’s progress: “It’s been nearly six months since we came together as an organization. Our collective achievements in that timeframe are tremendous. Everyone should feel incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved and excited about the opportunities ahead.

“We are moving full speed ahead on our next generation hardware, focused on delivering the biggest technological leap ever in a generation.”

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