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Work With Indies donating 100% of revenue to help Palestine

Games job board Work With Indies will donate 100% of its revenue to organisations providing aid to Palestine.

“Regardless of our politics, our religion, our race, where we were born, or where we currently live, none of us wishes to see innocent people suffer, lose their lives, or those of their family members,” the job board said in a statement shared on social media.

It announced that all revenue made this month will be given “to organisations providing humanitarian assistance to families in Palestine.”

These include Medical Aid for Palestinians, the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund, and the World Food Programme.

From now until October 31, indie developers who list their open roles on Work With Indies will have their payment forwarded to the charities along with a contribution from the job board.

In 2021, the bundle for Palestinian Aid helped raise over $900,000 for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency. Toadhouse Games founder Alanna Linayre put together the bundle, featuring 1,200 digital games by independent developers.

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