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VR game firm MyDearest raises $8m in funding round

VR games company MyDearest has raised $7.8 million in a new funding round.

With the investment, the firm aims to expand its game offerings to more platforms, such as Meta Quest and PlayStation 5, while also expanding its publishing operations.

The investment round was led by SBI Investment, bringing its total funding to $16 million.

MyDearest was established in 2016 by Kento Kishigami, Yosuke Kori, and Shotaro Chida.

The company has gone on to develop titles such as Tokyo Chronos, Innocent Forest: The Bird of Light, and the upcoming Brazen Blaze.

“Until now, MyDearest has been a frontrunner in VR games representing Japan, but with this round of funding, it will become a frontrunner in VR games representing the world,” said Kishigami.

“The technology of VR holds the potential to create entertainment experiences that will become the common language in a new world.

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