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US kids want games subscriptions and virtual currency more than games this Christmas

A report by the Entertainment Software Association has found that 72% of children in the US want games-related products for Christmas, but only 22% have asked for physical games.

Of the 500-plus children surveyed (ages 10 to 17), most are planning to ask for video game-related gifts for the holidays.

Subscriptions were the most popular gift idea at 39%, followed closely by consoles (38%), games accessories (32%), and in-game currency (29%). Surprisingly, only 22% of the children surveyed wanted physical games this Christmas.

The ESA also surveyed more than 500 adults for this study, which found that one in three plan to buy video games for themselves or others, with 57% of parents considering buying video game-related presents for their children.

Game-related products came out on top, beating other gift ideas such as money and gift cards (70%) or technology like smartphones and smartwatches (62%). Books were the lowest on the gift list at 26%.

“More than 212 million Americans play video games regularly, so it comes as no surprise that games are at the top of this year’s wish lists,” said Stanley Pierre-Louis, ESA president and CEO.

“Whether a family is getting a new console, updating their controllers and headsets or adding to their library with new games and expansion packs, we know video games are a great tool for families to play together and connect during the holiday season and beyond.”

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