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UKIE: Video game technology was worth £1.3 billion in 2021 for non-gaming industries

A new report says that UK video game technology used by non-gaming industries was worth £1.3 billion during 2021.

FTI Consulting and UKIE’s study says the “spillover” technology includes game engines, VR, and 3D rendering software.

The spillover technology’s value is that of the timber and forestry, aluminum production, and cycling industries in the UK. It also supported 9,900 positions within the country.

Information technology, energy extraction, and business services were among the top adopters of gaming resources.

While healthcare saw the smallest impact from the use of video game tools, it does use game engines for patient care. The report said that by 2025, it will be among the top three industries to apply VR to its resources.

UKIE co-CEO Dan Wood said, “From increasing innovation, improving product designs, to enhancing consumers’ experiences, video game technology is driving technological development across different sectors.”

“This report provides the strongest evidence yet, that the video games industry is a driver of significant value across the UK economy.”

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