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Twitch viewership dips by 8% in February

According to StreamElements and’s monthly State of the Stream report, Twitch’s viewership fell by 8% during February as it reached 1.7 billion hours watched.

The streaming platform hit 1.6 billion hours throughout the month last year.

During the 29-day month, daily hours watched reached 60 million, its first decline since September 2023.

February’s top-viewed games once again saw Grand Theft Auto 5 and League of Legends leading viewership.

Twitch’s most-watched games during the month are listed below:

Grand Theft Auto 5 – 152 million
League of Legends – 126 million
Valorant – 88 million
Fortnite – 62 million
CS: GO – 58 million
DOTA 2 – 44 million
Call of Duty Warzone – 34 million
Apex Legends – 31 million
Minecraft – 26 million

Meanwhile, Arrowhead Game Studios’ shooter Helldivers debuted as 14 among the most-watched titles of the month, with 19 million hours.

“Since Twitch’s overall hours watched are impacted by the days of the month, the daily hours watched are a more accurate reflection of the platform’s momentum,” said Stream Elements co-founder Or Perry.

“With February almost on par with January and higher than the previous three quarters, this year will be a step up from the last one if they maintain this level of engagement.”

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