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Twitch sees a 4% increase in viewership for December

During November, Twitch reached 1.8 billion hours watched in viewership.

The figure represents a 4% increase compared to November’s 1.73 billion, according to Stream Elements and Rainmaker. gg’s State of the Stream report. The month of December is a day longer than November.

Additionally, from April to December of 2023, the month had the most hours watched daily compared to any other month, as it hit 57.7 million.

Meanwhile, November’s most watched games were the same: League of Legends, Fortnite, and Grand Theft Auto 5 leading viewership.

The report also notes that Call of Duty: Warzone gained 29 million views, reaching 38 million for the month with the release of season 1 reloaded.

Twitch’s most watched games during December are listed below:

Grand Theft Auto 5 – 162 million
Fortnite – 101 million
League of Legends – 94 million
World of Warcraft – 49 million
Valorant – 47 million
Call of Duty Warzone – 38 million
Minecraft – 37 million
CS: GO – 36 million
DOTA 2 – 35 million

Stream Elements co-founder Or Perry said, “Twitch had relatively few peaks and valleys in 2023, with only a 3% increase in hours watched in Q4. One notable takeaway is that streaming cutbacks from top talent who now share time on other platforms did not significantly impact viewership.”

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