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Twitch sees a 3% decrease in viewership for November

During November, Twitch amassed 1.72 billion hours watched in viewership.

The figure represents a 3% dip when compared to October’s 1.77 billion, according to Stream Elements and Rainmaker. gg’s State of the Stream report. The month of November is a day shorter than October.

Also, from April to November of 2023, the month had the most hours watched daily compared to any other month in that period.

Meanwhile, November’s most watched games were familiar fare; League of Legends, Fortnite, and Grand Theft Auto 5 lead viewership.

The report also presented data on the most viewed games on Twitch from January 1 through December 6.

The most watched games on Twitch during the period are listed below:

League of Legends – 2.86 billion
Grand Theft Auto V – 1.2 billion
Valorant – 916 million
Minecraft – 536 million
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – 527 million
Dota 2 – 515 million
Fortnite – 490 million
World of Warcraft – 399 million
Apex Legends – 357 million

Regarding new games cracking the most viewed list on the streaming platform, Diablo 4 led the group.

The RPG amassed 70 million hours watched during the week of its release. Second was Warner Bros Interactive’s Hogwarts Legacy at 50 million, as Baldur’s Gate 3 and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom tied at third with 22 million hours.

Among Twitch streamer views from January to December 6, Kai Cenat topped the chart at 109 million views. In February, he broke the record for most subscriptions in a month.

Stream Elements co-founder Or Perry said, “Twitch is closing out 2023 on a high note with daily hours watched peak compared to the last two quarters. Other highlights include KaiCenat breaking xQc’s 3-year streak as most watched streamer, ironmouse breaking Amouranth’s two-year run as top female streamer, and Diablo IV dominating the Twitch chart for new game debuts.”

“The big takeaway is that as other platforms pursue top talent, you can never predict who will be the unofficial face of a brand.”

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