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Twitch gets an 8% bump in viewership for October

Twitch amassed 1.77 billion viewership hours watched during October.

The figure represents an 8% increase compared to September’s performance of 1.64 billion, according to StreamElements and Rainmaker. gg’s monthly State of the Stream report.

Additionally, the assessment said Twitch’s daily viewership hours fell to 54.7 million in September.

Meanwhile, in October, daily hours watched hit 57.2 million as it recovered from September’s slump.

Regarding the most viewed games during the two months, Starfield and EA Sports FC 24 debuted in September. However, during October, the space-faring RPG was not among the most viewed titles, while the football did.

The report said, “Starfield and EA Sports FC 24 both crack the top 10 with stellar launches. These games ranked [number five] and [number six] respectively on 2023 debuts based on first week of hours watched.”

The most watched games on Twitch during October are listed below:

League of Legends – 128 million hours
Grand Theft Auto 5 – 104 million hours
Dota 2 – 73 million hours
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – 58 million hours
Valorant – 51 million hours
EA Sports FC 24 – 48 million hours
Minecraft – 40 million hours
World of Warcraft – 39 million hours
Fortnite – 35 million hours

StreamElements co-founder Or Perry said, “Twitch is off to a strong start in Q4 with its second-highest number of monthly and daily hours watched compared to the previous two quarters. A lot of this was driven by competitive gaming titles such as League of Legends’ Worlds, Dota 2’s The International, and Counter-Strike 2 getting its highly anticipated update.”

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