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The Mix | Guerrilla Collective 2023 Showcase is set for June

The Media Indie Exchange (The Mix) and Guerrilla Collective 2023 Showcase is set to take place from Wednesday, June 7, to Tuesday, June 13.

Black Voice in Gaming and Dames 4 Games will be partnering with the production team.

“We’re calling for submissions to participate in the 2023 Summer Showcase! This year, we’re partnering with The MIX, Guerilla Collective, and Dames 4 Games to reveal upcoming releases from underrepresented folks in the game industry,” said Black Voices in Gaming on Twitter.

The event’s current plans include the following:

Guerrilla Collective online showcase
Black Voices in Gaming
New Dames 4 Games show
MIX onsite showcase

The presentation of indie games will be both online and in-person. The MIX said the onsite show is to “help fill the void left by E3’s cancelation.” The physical location will be announced at a later date.

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