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The Glory Society cancels Revenant Hill

The Glory Society has announced the cancellation of Night in the Woods spiritual successor Revenant Hill.

The studio shared a statement on social media, saying that two “key members” of the team have had serious health issues that required them to step away from the project. As a result, it has been suspended.

“For all intents and purposes, this is the end of the development of Revenant Hill,” the statement read.

“We are a small team and we each wear multiple hats. This is a loss of several hard to replace hats in an environment where all hats are needed. Given the realities of schedules, budgets, and the fraught task of reworking the whole project within those parameters, the team has amicably decided to suspend operations.”

It continued: “We are a cooperative, and we make decisions as a group. For this, this was the clear path to take for the well-being of the team, which is frankly more important than games.”

As noted by The Verge, it seems like the studio may be going on a hiatus for the time being, with a note on its website reading: “The Glory Society was a worker cooperative that worked on a game called Revenant Hill.”

Revenant Hill was announced at the PlayStation Showcase back in May, as the debut title of The Glory Society, a studio formed by key developers behind Night in the Woods. It was due to be published by Finji.

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