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TapNation acquires UA Hero

Mobile developer and publisher TapNation has acquired the AI-powered platform UA Hero.

UA Hero, a user acquisition and monestiation platform that focuses on optimising ad campaigns, will act as a subsidiary under TapNation.

Both companies aim to share a collaborative process to drive “continuous improvement and innovation,” with UA Hero enabling TapNation to enhance its user acquisition strategies.

“User acquisition and monetisation have always been integral to our success, and this partnership enables us to take our strategies to new heights,” said Hervé Montoute, CEO of TapNation.

“With UA Hero’s capabilities, we are confident in our ability to reach and engage a wider audience, ultimately driving growth and delivering the best possible gaming experiences.”

TapNation recently raised €15 million in a funding round from investors including Re-Sources Capital, Paluel-Marmont Capital, and other investors.

UA Hero also recently received a $1 million investment from Bogazici Ventures.

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