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Supernova Capital acquires Mi-Clos Studio and Little Red Dog Games

Equity firm Supernova Capital has acquired game developers Mi-Clos and Little Red Dog Games.

The terms were not disclosed, with the announcement only saying that Supernova has also made an additional multi-million investment in both studios following the acquisitions.

Mi-Clos is a French studio known for narrative-driven titles such as Sigma Theory and Out There. Little Red Dog Games is a New-York based developer known for Rogue State and Precipice.

Both developers are published by Modern Wolf, which is owned by Supernova Capital as well.

Supernova was launched in 2018 by former Splash Damage execs Paul Wedgwood and Mark Morris, and its current CEO Richard Jolly.

Mi-Clos CEO Michael Peiffert said the acquisition was “an emotional moment” for him, as the studio started as a one-man business in 2010.

“The new partnership we have with Supernova is a genuine win-win for us both,” he added.

Little Red Dog Games CEO Ryan Hewer also commented: “Joining Supernova realised a life-long dream to take on bigger and more ambitious projects with our unique style, and [it] was the perfect fit for us.”

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