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Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection reportedly used modder's work without credit

A modder has claimed that Aspyr used their work in Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection without credit.

As reported by IGN, players noticed that a mod created by modder ‘iamashaymin’ was reportedly featured in the game despite its developer clarifying last month that it did “not include any code or content that is taken from uncredited sources.”

The mod was developed to bring Xbox exclusive DLC content of characters Kit Fisto and Asajj Ventress to PC in 2021 by reskinning other characters.

In a post shared by the modder on social media, footage captured from the PlayStation 5 version of the game reportedly showed iamashaymin’s mod being included before a patch allegedly removed this content.

This mod was featured in the game’s announcement trailer last year, which Aspyr acknowledged as a mistake.

“When capturing placeholder footage, we mistakenly included content that is not in the product, and that mistake made it into the final cut,” it said. has reached out to Aspyr for further clarification.

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