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Sony seeking growth by bringing more first-party games to other platforms

PlayStation is looking at bringing more of its exclusive first-party titles to other platforms, such as PC, in an effort to grow its games business.

During an earnings call following the release of its latest financial results, Sony president and COO Hiroki Totoki told investors that making PlayStation exclusives multi-platform would help its operating income improve, which was down 15% to ¥979.4 billion ($6.5 billion).

“A potential driver for [growth] is the first-party title generation because in the past we wanted to popularise consoles,” Totoki said (as transcribed by Seeking Alpha). “The purpose of the first-party title was to make the hardware or the console popular. But there is a synergy to it.

“If we have strong first-party content, not only with our console, but also other platforms like computers [we] can help operating profit to improve.”

Since 2020, PlayStation has ported some of its biggest first-party games to PC, including the Spider-Man, Horizon and God of War games, recently announcing that horror title Until Dawn is being remastered for both PC and PS5.

Totoki explained that Sony wanted to increase PlayStation’s profit margin as it’s currently not in a “wonderful situation,” which he said was a result of the PS5’s profitability decreasing due to recent price promotions.

This news comes as we await Xbox’s update on its plans to release first-party content, which are due to be revealed later today.

In recent weeks, rumours have suggested Xbox will release key exclusives on other platforms, including PS5.

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