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Sony fails to block lawsuit over PlayStation Store prices

A London tribunal has ruled that a lawsuit filed last year accusing Sony of breaching competition law over store prices will continue, Reuters reports.

The lawsuit, which concerns the 30% commission Sony receives on all purchases, could cost the platform holder up to £6.3 million in damages.

The firm argued the case was “flawed from start to finish,” but the Competition Appeal Tribunal ruled has confirmed it will go ahead.

“This is the first step in ensuring customers get back what they’re owed as a result of Sony breaking the law,” consumer rights expert Alex Neill said in a statement. “PlayStation gamers’ loyalty has been taken advantage of by Sony, who has been charging them excessive prices for years.”

She continued: “It is significant that the competition court has recognised Sony must explain its actions by ordering them to trial. We are seeking to put a stop to this unlawful conduct and ensure customers are compensated.”

The case was submitted by Neill in August 2022 on behalf of nearly nine million UK consumers, accusing Sony of “ripping people off” by charging a commission on digital games and in-game items sold on the PlayStation store, which the company has a 30% cut of on all purchases.

The filing claimed that consumers who have purchased anything on the PlayStation Store since August 2016 were entitled to compensation. However, the Competition Appeal Tribunal ruled that those who have made purchases after the lawsuit was filed won’t be included. has reached out to Sony for comment.

The 30% cut that platform holders take has been in debate for years, and is currently a key point of discussion in the Epic vs Google antitrust trial that is currently being held in San Francisco.

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