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SIDE expands to Tokyo

SIDE, an audio services provider and PTW subsidiary has launched a new studio in Tokyo.

The office will provide Japanese dialogue for games and services such as dubbing for foreign content.

Additionally, the studio will provide casting, talent negotiation, and production services.

SIDE Tokyo will be overseen by Hiroshi Takao, reporting to senior vice president Olivier Deslandes.

“Tokyo has been in our company DNA since day one – we expand our business based on a number of factors, but Japan specifically has always been at the top of our list for SIDE due to the local talent and cultural impact Japanese games have had on the entire industry; in many ways, they set the tone,” said PTW CEO Deborah Kirkham.

SIDE Tokyo office joins its Paris, London, Shanghai, and Los Angeles locations.

In October, SIDE acquired the music and sound studio Vibe Avenue, which was rebranded to SIDE Montreal.

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