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Screen Australia puts up $1m for independent developers

Screen Australia has announced more than AU$1.6 million ($1 million) to support independent game makers.

The effort will see the platform support 12 titles through the Games Production Fund and 15 games via the Emerging Gamemakers Fund.

Minister for the Arts, Tony Burke said, “What this does is support the future of Australian game development, making sure we don’t miss out on the next Unpacking or Untitled Goose Game.”

“Many of these games might not be set in Australia – or even on this planet – but they do show the best of Australian creativity and storytelling.”

The Games Production Fund grants independent game studios up to $100,000 towards the development of projects.

Meanwhile, the Emerging Gamemakers Fund awards up to $30,000 for the creation of new projects from developers.

The news comes five months after the Australian government, in collaboration with Screen Australia, announced a new set of funding initiatives for game developers within the country.

Check out‘s Australia Games Week for information on how the market sector has grown in recent years.

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