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Room 8 unveils Highlight QA

Services provider Room 8 has launched Highlight QA, its new quality assurance studio.

The division will be a part of the firm’s QA Service Line, which the head of QA SL Octavia Vasilescu, QA director Martyn Sibley and QA director Robert Lato will oversee.

Room 8 said the new label’s business will launch in Poland and Romania initially. The games firm aims to expand its business operations to Western Europe and America.

“With the gaming industry expanding rapidly and becoming increasingly competitive, the importance of game quality cannot be overstated,” said Vasilescu.

“Therefore, it was a logical and long-awaited move for Room 8 Group to establish a QA service. Our goal is to surpass our client’s expectations and set a new standard for quality assurance.”

The news comes weeks after Room 8 revealed its new production studio, Heroic.

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