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Room 8 Group finalizes integration of Massive Black and PUGA

Room 8 Group has completed the integration of PUGA and Massive Black into its studio brand.

The services provider aims to streamline work and complete projects with the move.

“The integration of PUGA, Massive Black, and Room 8 Studio under one banner is more than a name change; it represents our evolution towards one unified, global force to deliver better-fitted complex solutions for our partners,” said executive vice president of art Julien Proux.

Room 8 also said that the integration restructures its service into:

game development solutions for PC and console (Dragons Lake)
game development solutions for mobile (Solid Bash)
games art solutions (Room 8 Studio)
trailers and cinematic production (Heroic)
quality solutions by Room 8 Group

Room 8 originally purchased art studio Massive Black in March 2022 and acquired PUGA Studios a month later.

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