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Respawn alumni form Wildlight Entertainment

A group of former Respawn Entertainment devs has created a new remote studio, Wildlight Entertainment.

The studio was co-founded by CEO Dusty Welch (formerly COO and GM of Apex Legends) and design director Jason McCord (previously design director on Apex).

Former Respawn game director Chad Grenier is also part of the team, as studio head and game director. They are also joined by Mohammad Alavi, previously creative director at Respawn, who said on Linkedin that he’s been at the studio for the past 13 months.

As mentioned by Eurogamer, Wildlight Entertainment currently employs 28 staff, with experiences on titles including Call of Duty, Titanfall, Valorant, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, PUBG, and more. Only three team members have not previously worked on Apex or Titanfall.

On its website, Wildlight says that the studio is “fully funded” and has “been quietly working on a new IP for some time.”

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