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Report: Warner Bros. is removing Adult Swim-published games

Warner Bros. Discovery is removing titles from its Adult Swim Games label on digital stores.

As reported by Polygon, developers are being informed that their games are being retired, such as Michael Molinari, developer of Soundodger+.

He told the publication that he had been advised that his title would be removed from Steam in 60 days this week.

“I don’t know if they’re delisting it or deleting it,” Molinari said. “I pleaded with the rep to transfer ownership to my company, as I still retain all IP and game rights. I sent him a link to Steam’s transfer page and explained clearly that it takes literally three clicks to transfer ownership to me. He rejected my request.”

Molinari said that he could republish the title independently. However, this option would erase the game’s wishlists, reviews, and community guides.

Additionally, the developer said republishing the title would require removing all mentions of Adult Swim Games.

He said, “I asked for clarification, and he even wants the credits sequence altered to remove the names of the [Adult Swim Games] team.”

Another developer, Matt Lewandowski, of Team2Bit, looked into getting the studio’s game First Puncher transferred back.

However, Warner Bros. said it could not transfer the title’s ownership due to “logistical and resource constraints.”

Owen Reedy, creator of 2016’s Small Radios Big Televisions, was also among the developers who were advised that their title was retired.

He took to social media and announced that the Windows PC version of his title was made available for free in response to the notice. has reached out to Warner Bros. Games for comment.

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