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RapidEyeMovers to host city-wide games festival

RapidEyeMovers has announced that it will host a city-wide games festival in Kendal, UK.

The Humanise Festival of Play will, in part, turn the town into a playable map and feature existing game events.

It will also host the world’s first VR esports tournament with RapidEyeMover’s C-Smash VRS at the center stage.

The game developer’s debut fighting game was recently nominated for a Golden Joystick award.

“With the rise of digital platforms – and accelerated by the challenges of the pandemic – games have been further removed from their roots,” said RapidEyeMovers director Jörg Tittel.

“Games are not tech. They are culture. With games now the world’s dominant art and entertainment, it is time to celebrate, explore, and remind people of what makes games human.”

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