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RAFA Racing Club acquires Grid Finder

RAFA Racing Club has acquired the online racing community service platform, Grid Finder.

The acquisition deal was for £3 million; Grid Finder intends to expand its platform with more broadcasters, sim racing tools, and engineers and create technology for RAFA’s brands.

RAFA Racing Club is a Houston-based car enthusiast hub that aims to build motorsports mainstream recognition and create community.

Meanwhile, Grid Finder was established by Nikhil Patel, Tom Stapley-Bunten, and Chris Hannibal in 2020. Its goal is to assist online racing fans in finding communities across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC consoles.

“Grid Finder now has the resources and supported vision to provide immense value to the online racing space…With RAFA Racing’s passion, vision, and resources, we’ll be able to scale our product to serve a global community of racing fans,” said Stapley-Bunten.

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