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PlayStation will not delete Discovery TV shows after all

PlayStation will no longer be removing over 1,300 Discovery TV shows from its platform next month.

Sony had previously announced that users will not be able to watch Discovery content on PlayStation from December 31, even if they had already purchased it.

However, the firm now says that due to an ‘updated licensing agreement’ with Warner Bros — which owns the Discovery brand — consumers will now be able to access their previously purchased shows ‘for at least the next 30 months’.

“Similar to other services, we do not own the licensing rights to TV/movie content that was previously available for purchase on PlayStation Store,” PlayStation stated in the update. “However, we’ve worked with Warner Bros to update our licensing agreements, ensuring that consumers will be able to access their previously purchased content for at least the next 30 months.”

Discovery shows include the likes of MythBusters, Cake Boss, Deadliest Catch, American Chopper, An Idiot Abroad, Shark Week, How It’s Made, Animal Planet Presents and Street Outlaws.

PlayStation stopped selling movies and TV shows from its stores in 2021. In August last year, it also removed purchased content from Studio Canal due to “evolving licensing agreements” leaving users unable to view the shows they had bought.

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