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Nordcurrent snaps up Cinemaware library

Mobile games firm Nordcurrent has acquired Cinemaware’s title portfolio from Starbreeze Entertainment.

Nordcurrent intends to expand its game offerings with titles such as Defender of the Crown, Wings, and S.D.I.

“Since the inception of our PC games publishing division less than three years ago, we’ve been on a mission to build a robust business unit for PC and console games. Acquiring Cinemaware’s catalog is a crucial step in this journey, providing us with opportunities to enrich our portfolio with well-known titles,” said Nordcurrent CEO Victoria Trofimova.

Cinemaware, which was originally established in 1986, defunct in 1991, and revived in 2000 until 2005, had its IP rights acquired by Starbreeze back in 2016.

Nordcurrent’s new acquisition comes more than two months after it bought Gothenburg-based studio River End Games.

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