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Nintendo to roll out new community tournament guidelines

Nintendo will issue new community tournament guidelines that impose age, revenue, and hardware regulations.

Among the changes, tournaments may include up to 200 in-person and 300 online competitors.

Nintendo, in part, said, “The total value of cash prizing a single organiser can offer through Community Tournaments in a 12-month period must be no more than the equivalent of £9,000 / €10,000.”

Additionally, the Mario maker explained, “[The] use of game consoles, accessories, and software not licensed by Nintendo” violates regulations.

This point drew criticism as social media users expressed that accessible controllers for disabled gamers are third-party accessories.

Nintendo doesn’t make an accessible controller of its own, but it does have an officially licensed third-party option in Hori’s Flex controller for the Switch.

The community tournament guidelines will be effective November 15.

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