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Nintendo pulls drink driving game from digital store due to PEGI 3+ rating

Nintendo has removed Need for Spirit: Drink and Drive Simulator from the eShop following an investigation by PEGI.

As reported by Eurogamer, the game was allegedly assigned a PEGI 3+ rating through the International Age Rating Coalition, which “is a free, self-submitted process.”

This would suggest that the game is suitable for all ages despite including alcohol and tobacco.

A game involving such substances must be rated PEGI 16 or PEGI 18 per the European video game content rating system.

Need for Spirit: Drink and Drive Simulator is rated PEGI 16 on the Epic Games Store and unrated on Steam. has contacted the game’s developer, Atomic Fabrik, for further clarification.

A PEGI spokesperson clarified to Eurogamer: “When an investigation shows that the PEGI rating changes by more than one age category, the game is taken down and Nintendo requires that game is resubmitted with an accurate rating (to ensure parental control tools work properly).”

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