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More than 500 games earned over $3m on Steam in 2023

Valve has released a new report that revealed over 500 games earned more than $3 million in gross revenue on the platform last year.

In its Steam Annual Summary 2023 the company shared that more than double the number of games hit the same threshold compared to 2018.

The report also gave insight into the firm’s seasonal sale events, highlighting that during last year’s Steam Autumn Sale, games that earned over $1 million in revenue increased by 21% compared to 2022.

Steam’s Winter Sale was driven by gifting via physical wallet cards, with players redeeming more than $80 million of these towards the end of 2023.

In terms of performance, the platform reached more than 33 million concurrent users for the first time.

Elsewhere, the report showed that more than a quarter of new releases on Steam were developed by studios releasing a title on the platform for the first time.

Valve also highlighted than 11.8 million players took part in a Steam Playtest last year, up 41% compared to 2022.

This feature launched in 2020, and is a tool for developers to set up playtests and make them available directly from the title’s store page. makes playtests available directly from a title’s store page.

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