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Media Molecule layoffs result in end of live curation support for Dreams

Media Molecule has set a date for the last of its staff affected by layoffs announced last October to leave the studio.

As detailed in a blog post, its Curation team will be departing in spring 2024.

“This was an incredibly tough time for the studio as a whole and it meant the world to see support from folks on our social channels,” it said. “While we’re still working through the process, the studio as a whole continues to work on our exciting new project which we’ll talk about when we’re ready.”

The studio specified what this news will mean for this part of the studio, noting that support for DreamSurfing and DreamShaping will end in mid-April and the overall end goal for Dreams.

“Overall, the plan here is ensuring that Dreams transitions into a self-sustaining platform, with these changes helping to filter new creations through to regular Dreams players whilst creators reach their deserved audience for their games, animations, music, and everything inbetween.”

Media Molecule also clarified there are currently no plans to take Dreams offline.

“It’s been a tough 12 months for both us here at Media Molecule and for those that see Dreams as a safespace and a place to express their creativity, and it’s our hope that people will be able to use Dreams in that way for a while to come.”

Earlier last year, the studio announced it would end live support of Dreams. It then allowed players to use some of their creations outside the platform for commercial use.

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