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Martha is Dead to get film adaptation

LKA-developed title Martha is Dead will get a film adaptation.

The feature film will be led by Swedish production company Studios Extraordinaires in partnership with the Italian studio and the game’s publisher, UK-based firm Wired Productions.

Studios Extraordinaires’ André Hedetoft and Andreas Troedsson will act as co-directors on the film. Hedetoft is also behind the script, while Troedsson will also handle the movie’s cinematography.

Wired MD Leo Zullo commented: “The game’s gripping narrative and unique setting make it a perfect candidate for a film adaptation. We’re thrilled to join forces with Studios Extraordinaires to create a landmark cinematic experience, merging the artistry of gaming and filmmaking in an unprecedented way.”

LKA founder and director Luca Dalcò added: “Every element of Martha is Dead was created with extraordinary precision and care. The narrative’s complexity was meticulously planned, visualised, and even shaped with a cinematic quality in mind. Bringing this to life as a film is a dream come true.”

Studios Extraordinaires is also currently working on an adaption of sci-fi horror game Fort Solis.

Martha is Dead came out in February 2022 on all major platforms, followed by an Amazon Luna release in October 2022.

The title won Best Innovation at the 2022 Italian Video Game Awards.

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