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Keep up to date with the latest industry trends parent ReedPop just made it easier for you to keep up with things in the business of video games.

Today we’ve added the ability for you to follow topics on all of our sites. Use it to follow video games, companies, or the biggest stories in the industry (for example, the Microsoft ABK acquisition). Simply use the ‘Follow’ button next to each tag at the bottom of the article.

You’ll also have the option to receive an email the next time we publish an article about any topics you follow. Sign into your account settings at the top of the site to select whether or not to receive these.

All of this means you can spend less time searching for things you need to know, and more time reading about them.

You can also choose whether you want to get updates from‘s sister sites in the ReedPop network like Dicebreaker, Rock Paper Shotgun, Popverse, and VG247, making it easier than ever to know everything about everything.

With 70,000 topics in our database across the ReedPop websites, there’s something for everyone.

This is just the start: we’re also working on a new area of the site that shows a feed of all of the stories about topics you follow, making it even easier to track the things you care about.

We’d love you to give our new following system a try. We hope you find it useful.

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