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Jobs Roundup: January 2024 | Hutch appoints Peter Hansen-Chambers as co-CEO

It can be difficult keeping track of the various comings and goings in the games industry, which is why we compile them in semi-regular round-ups.

If you have new appointments or transitions in your company that belong here, please send the names of the appointees, new role and company, and prior role and company to

Hester Woodliffe | Chair of Video Games Europe

Hester Woodliffe has been named chair of Video Games Europe.

She currently works as vice president of publishing at WB Games EMEA. Woodliffe joined the entertainment back in 2023.

“This is an exciting role, and I look forward to working with the Brussels team and Video Games Europe members around Europe to optimize our engagement with policymakers and to highlight all the positive aspects of our incredible industry,” she said.

Stephen Wickes | Senior vice president of sales, Testronic

Testronic appoints Stephen Wickes as senior vice president of sales, Americas.

Wickes’ new role will involve leading the expansion of its QA, localization, play support, and development business in the Americas.

He brings with him experience that includes working at Keywords Studios as vice president of business development. Wickes was with the games firm for twelve years.

Before his new position at Testronic, he served as executive director at Universally Speaking for two years.

“I’m delighted to have the opportunity to bring my near 30-year experience in games production and business development to an incredible team of like-minded people and look forward to us collectively growing the business even further,” said Wickes.

Peter Hansen-Chambers | Co-CEO, Hutch

Hutch has promoted Peter Hansen-Chambers as co-CEO; he joins Shaun Rutland in overseeing the mobile games firm.

Hansen-Chambers joined in 2014 and climbed up the company ranks during his tenure. He last served as both chief financial officer and chief revenue officer.

His career experience also includes a three-year stint as head of licensing with Dovetail Games.

In the announcement of his appointment on social media, Hansen-Chambers said, “I am happy to share that I have accepted the role of Co-CEO at Hutch, leading the company alongside Shaun Rutland!

“We have always enjoyed a very tight partnership, and this change essentially recognizes the way we have been working for the last couple of years.”

VaultN adds to its leadership team with new appointments

VaultN has announced that Claire Ralley and Adam Selcuk have joined its executive team.

Ralley will step into the role of chief commercial officer, and Selcuk will now serve as chief product officer.

Ralley brings her career experience, including founding Genba Digital and serving as its CCO for seven years. She also had a four-year stint at Take-Two Interactive.

Meanwhile, Selcuk has worked at Exertis Ztorm, where he last served as interim managing director. In 2021, he founded Lorem Ipsum Interactive.

Jeremy Haber | Chief operating officer, NBA 2K League

The NBA 2K League has appointed Jeremy Haber as its first chief operating officer.

Haber’s responsibilities will include creating collaboration with the NBA and 2K brand for the league. He will report to CEO Andrew Perlmutter.

Before this new role, he served as assistant general manager of the Chicago White Sox.

“From identifying new competitive opportunities to crafting and implementing long-term strategy, he brings expertise in building sports businesses through innovation, analytics, and technology that will benefit the league for many years to come,” said Perlmutter.

Sandra Marshall | COO, Owlchemy Labs

Owlchemy Labs has hired Sandra Marshall as its new chief operating officer.

Before her new role, Marshall worked at IT consultancy firm Booz Allen Hamilton as a principal of chief technology. She had a 16-year stint at the company.

Marhsall’s professional work includes establishing Booz Allen Hamilition’s first VR studio.

“My previous roles have shown me how creativity and technology can combine to create something groundbreaking. I’ll apply my expertise to help Owlchemy Labs bring its virtual reality games and technology to market…” said Marshall.

Bhanu Prakash | Head of creative for games, Saffronic

Bhanu Prakash has stepped into the head of creative for games role at Saffronic.

He will lead the firm’s expansion of its art and animation services for the games industry.

Prakash’s professional history includes serving as head of creative operations at Technicolor Games. He was with the studio for nine years before accepting his new position.

“I intend to bring my unwavering commitment to excellence to help guide and empower the creative minds in the gaming division to deliver truly outstanding product for our clients,” said Prakash.

Veronique Lallier | Chief development officer, IO Interactive

Veronique Lallier has been appointed as IO Interactive’s chief development officer.

Lallier will be overseeing the studio’s game development strategy and production operations.

During her career, she held the position of chief operating officer at Hi-Rez Studios. She was with the firm for eight years.

Lallier previously worked at Warner Bros. Entertainment as vice president of digital publishing international. She was with the company for four years.

“With exciting projects underway and new studios opening across Europe, I look forward to playing a role in IOI’s continued growth and success,” said Lallier.

Christopher Lörken | CEO, Bytro Labs

Bytro Labs appoints Christopher Lörken as chief executive officer.

He succeeds Tobias Kringe, amongst other executive team changes within the company.

Lörken cofounded Bytro Labs with Kringe in 2008 and served as its managing director of technology before taking up his new position.

“I am excited to build upon the solid foundation that Tobias and the team have established and to lead Bytro into a new era,” said Lörken.

Additionally, Julian Werner has been named as the chief marketing officer, and Marvin Eschenauer steps into the position of chief operations officer.

Brian Etheridge | Managing director, Toadman Interactive

Brian Etheridge has been hired as managing director at Toadman Interactive.

In his previous role, he worked as publishing director at Tripwire Interactive and was with the games firm for three years.

Etheridge’s career also includes a 15-year stint at D3Publisher, where he last served as vice president of publishing.

In announcing the new role on social media, he said, “It is fantastic getting to work with truly passionate developers and to help make their visions come to life.”

Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz | Creative director, Rebel Wolves

Rebel Wolves has hired Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz as its creative director.

Tomaszkiewicz will join former CD Projekt Red coworkers as the studio is developing its first RPG.

His career history includes a twelve-year stint at CD Projekt Red, where he last served as guest director.

He worked as a narrative consultant for Incredible Dream and Fool’s Theory. Tomaszkiewicz also worked at Riot Games as a principal narrative designer.

“There are so many fantastic RPGs out there today, however, I feel that there’s not only enough space but also a hunger among players for more captivating stories. That’s why I’m very happy to join many of my old-time friends and meet many new ones at Rebel Wolves as a creative director,” he said.

Lewis D. | Head of product, Lego Fortnite

Lewis D. has been appointed head of product for Lego Fortnite at the LEGO Group.

They joined the company back in 2015 and held various roles; their prior role was that of director of Lego Games.

Their work experience includes working in marketing and public relations at Gameloft for two years.

They’ve held a similar role at Nintendo and were with the platform holder for four years.

Maria Chyrvona | CEO, DevGAMM

DevGAMM has appointed Maria Chyrvona as its new chief executive officer.

She will collaborate with company founder Lerika Mallayeva over the firm’s business decisions and executive direction.

Chyrvona originally joined the DevGAMM organizers back in 2014.

She climbed the ranks throughout her career, serving as PR manager, content producer, and chief operating officer.

“This is a great honor and a very exciting challenge for me – to lead a team of talented professionals which serve to make fantastic game dev events. After ten years working in the company, this is now my home, my family, and my career path,” said Chyrvona.

Callum Sibley | Business development director, Big Thursday Creative

Big Thursday Creative has hired Callum Sibley as its new business development director.

Before joining the multimedia production firm, he worked at Realtime as head of games. Sibley was with the firm for three years.

Throughout his career, he’s worked with brands that include EA, NetherRealm, and Wizards of the Coast.

“It’s an honour to join the team at Big Thursday at the start of 2024. This is a team with real pedigree, talent, and a lot of ambition. They exude care, and understand that the beating heart of their craft is the creative. When you prioritize creativity, the work takes care of itself,” said Sibley.

Natalya Tatarchuk | Chief technical officer, Activision

Natalya Tatarchuk has announced that she is Activision’s newest chief technology officer.

Tatarchuk’s career history includes working as graphics lead and engineering architect at Bungie. She was with the studio for seven years.

She also had a seven-year stint at Unity, gaining various positions as she climbed company ranks. In her last role, she worked as a distinguished technical fellow and, chief architect, vice president of Wētā Tools.

In her announcement on social media, Tatarchuk said, “It’s truly an honor to join this trailblazing team. I’m excited to be a part of a team that continues to push the boundaries in the gaming industry!”

Her appointment is the first to come for the Call of Duty maker following Bobby Kotick’s exit.

Adrian Montgomery | Interim CEO, Enthusiast Gaming

Enthusiast Gaming has appointed chairman of the board Adrian Montgomery as its interim CEO, following Nick Brien’s notice of resignation.

Montgomery previously served as chief executive officer from the firm’s establishment in 2019 until March 2023.

His professional experience includes two years working as CEO for QM Environmental.

“We are at a tremendous inflection point and will not be distracted as we drive towards profitability, pursuing our mission of connecting players, creators, and brands in the gaming and entertainment ecosystem. We have a strong and diverse team, unrivaled scale in an attractive sector, and a clear roadmap with a large opportunity in front of us.”

Enthusiast Gaming’s board of directors is conducting its process to find a new CEO.

Egil Strunke | Chief strategy officer, Starbreeze

Egil Strunke has been hired as Starbreeze’s new chief strategy officer.

The news comes months after Strunke stepped down as COO at Embracer Group; he was with the firm for four years.

Throughout his career, he served as vice president and secretary at Nordic Games’ North America branch. Strunke held the position of Nordic sales director at Twentieth Century Fox for five years.

“Starbreeze, as Sweden’s oldest independent studio, faces several exciting strategic opportunities in the coming years. I look forward to contributing my skills and experience in that work, together with a proven and hungry team,” said Strunke.

Paul Kingsley | Chief financial officer, Guild Esports

Guild Esports has named Paul Kingsley as chief financial officer and company secretary.

Before his new role, Kingsley served as chief financial officer at Unidays. He was with the financial firm for four years.

Throughout his professional history, he worked as chief financial officer at tech firm Edge for two years. He also had a one-year stint at FoundPop as finance director.

“On behalf of the board, I am delighted to welcome Paul to Guild. Paul brings extensive knowledge of the media, technology, and sports sectors garnered over his lengthy career,” said Guild Esports CEO Jasmine Skee.

“Paul’s 25 years of strategic financial and C-Suite experience position him as a key asset in enhancing the Guild brand and future growth.”

Damon Baker | Head of strategic partners, Tencent Games

Tencent Games has hired Damon Baker as its new head of strategic partners for console and PC.

Baker joins the firm after last serving as vice president of partnerships and portfolio at Kepler Interactive.

His career experience includes 12 years of working at Nintendo, where he last held the role of head of partner management.

Baker then moved on to work as head of portfolio for global gaming partnerships and development at Microsoft.

He held a similar position during his one-year stint with venture capital firm Kowloon Nights.

Emily Gera | Senior writer, Larian Studios

Emily Gera has been appointed to the role of senior writer at Baldur’s Gate 3 maker, Larain Studios.

Gera joined the studio back in 2021 and served as a product manager.

Throughout her professional career, she’s worked as a video game consultant and freelance journalist for 16 years.

Gera’s work has appeared on The Verge, Variety, The Guardian and Eurogamer.

Byung Gyu Kim | Co-CEO, Netmarble

Netmarble has named Byung Gyu Kim its new co-CEO, joining Young-sig Kwon in the new role.

Kim will be formally appointed to the position in March after approval from a shareholders meeting.

He currently serves as vice president at Netmarble and joined the firm back in 2015.

“We expect the new co-CEO, Byung Gyu Kim, who is in his 40s and has expertise not only in legal affairs but also in overseas affiliate management and strategic planning, to contribute positively to Netmarble’s new changes and growth,” said Netmarble.

Alex Boucher | Reactional Music

Reactional Music has announced that Alex Boucher has joined its commercial and games partnerships team.

Boucher will work with the firm’s commercial team in the UK and Sweden.

Throughout his career, he co-founded the Game Dev Heroes industry event.

He also had a five-year stint as contract business development manager of MCV/Develop.

Boucher said,”Music is part of who I am and is a huge passion of mine, both creatively and technically. To be able to bring my two passions together and work with Reactional Music is a step that I am incredibly excited about.”

Bill Polson | CTO, Technicolor Creative Studios

Technicolor Creative Studios has appointed Bill Polson as its new Chief Technology Officer.

He will oversee the development of new technologies and the firm’s creative business operations.

Polson’s career history includes a 20-year stint at Pixar Animation Studios; he last served as director of industry strategy and chief technology officer. He also worked as director of pipeline and workflow for media entertainment firm MPC. Polson was with the company for two years.

In the announcement of his new role, Polson said, “Technicolor Creative Studios has always been a place where technology and creativity converge to produce extraordinary results. I’m thrilled to take on this new challenge and contribute to the incredible work that sets us apart in the industry.”

Sérgio Laranjeira | Chief technical officer, Metacore

Sérgio Laranjeira has been named CTO for game studio Metacore.
Laranjeira’s new responsibilities will include creating technology and infrastructure for the mobile game developer.

He previously served as senior director of engineering at Delivery Hero. Laranjeira was with the tech firm for three years. He also worked at financial services company N26 for a year as engineering manager.

“I’m embracing the challenge of a new tech setup that will help the company grow even further. Working in gaming has been a long-time dream for me, and I can’t wait to join the talented and passionate team in January and bring my experience to the benefit of creating new hit games,” Laranjeira said.

Sumo Group announces new groups of appointments

Sumo Group has announced new appointments within the company and its subsidiaries.

Negrican Sandalci is now product manager at Sumo Sheffield, whereas Amelia White has stepped into the producer role at Sumo Sheffield. Meanwhile, Mat Kemp has been appointed as senior producer manager at Sumo Sheffield. The studio also gains a new IT purchasing lead in Tom Rhodes.

Abbie Barker joins Sumo Sheffield as a junior IT support analyst, and Razi Abbas is named senior project manager at the studio. Sumo Group appointed Rachel Smith as marketing graphic designer. Meanwhile, Sumo Digital gains a new HR data and admin assistant in Chynna Gibney.

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