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Introducing's Get into Games special’s Get into Games special kicks off today.

Over the next two weeks, we will be publishing a series of articles and videos aimed at students, designed to offer insight on life in the games industry and advice on how to get into the business.

Sponsored by Wrexham University, there will be a new article published every day covering topics such as voice acting, art, production, technical roles, lesser known game careers, underrepresented groups in games, how to get your first job in games, and plenty more.

There is also a central article that collates together our top features related to starting a career in ganes that already exist on the Academy. These articles cover everything from individual job guides, to interview advice and job hunting tips.

You can also head on over to the YouTube channel and check out all our latest Academy and Get into Games panels and talks. The videos feature the thoughts and insights of experts from leading games companies including Media Molecule, Radical Forge, Splash Damage, XR Games, Rebellion, Ukie, and Neonhive.

Videos include:

Designing through the imposter syndrome – Tips from a secretly shy systems designer – Eilidh MacLeod, senior game designer, Media Molecule

The barriers we face: Underrepresented groups in games – Panel featuring Anni Valkama (former brand manager at Super Rare Games), Dan Ahern (lead QA at Radical Forge), Lex Luddy (, Ryan Brown (head of publishing and PR at an unannounced publisher), Harriet Frayling (freelance games accessibility and inclusion consultant), Jay Shin (director of Arrogant Pixel), Shaz Shanghari (content creator)

Creativity with constraints: How licensing impacts assets and visuals for Football Manager – Danny Quin, producer (art & animation), Sports Interactive

The other roles in games: Four discussions on lesser known game careers – Panel featuring, from Splash Damage: Kat Welsford (growth manager), Anna Vancouver (development manager), Jordan Mitchell (production tester), Summer Davies and Spencer Grant (video and creative in marketing), Jamie Trentham (HR)

So you want to be an artist? Tips for a creative career – Sinead Oram, Media Molecule

Voice acting in the video game industry – JD Kelly, voice actor

Biggest mistakes in the industry: How human mistakes are part of building your game career or business – Stefano Petrullo, Renaissance PR founder

Production: Perilous pitfalls & prevalent practices – Steven Taarland, senior producer at Media Molecule

Understanding technical art roles: A panel – Featuring, from Liquid Crimson: Bruce Slater, Calvin Simpson, Anthony Marmont, Piotr Sidorowicz, Lauran Carter

Getting your first job in game development: A recruiter’s POV – Featuring, from Liquid Crimson: Bruce Slater, Calvin Simpson, Anthony Marmont, Piotr Sidorowicz, Lauran Carter

Accessibility at Rebellion: Including everyone – Featuring Cari Watterton, Adriaan Scheepers, Edd Waterhouse-Biggins, Mathew Alcock, Mollie Evans

Navigating neurodiversity: What you need to know about the games industry – Featuring Georgie Christoforou (Neonhive), Cameron Keywood (DragonCog Interactive), Dom Shaw (Ukie)

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