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Industry group reveals new indie-focused publisher Rock It Games

A cohort of industry professionals has unveiled a new game publisher, Rock It Games.

The company aims to work with independent game makers and IP holders to provide consumers with indie and retro titles.

Rock it Games says that it will give developers more agency over their games via more input in marketing, PR, and social media.

The publisher will be overseen by CEO Michael Devine, who has experience working at TDK Mediactive, Tommo, and Ziggurat Entertainment.

“We are dedicated to providing a platform for indie and retro game developers to showcase their creative genius to players who love the nostalgia of retro gaming and freedom of creatives that only indies provide,” said Devine.

Rock It’s first releases are the board game Space Invaders Deck Commander by Sickhead Games and Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion: HD Renovation, developed by Albino Moose Games.”

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