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Godus, Godus Wars removed from Steam

22cans’ has pulled Godus and Godus Wars from sale on Steam.

In an announcement posted across both titles’ Steam pages on Thursday, the company attributed the removal to changes from a business partner.

“Regrettably, due to an upcoming technical change to Amazon Web Services, affecting our ability to serve necessary game files to new users, these titles are to be withdrawn from the Steam store,” the company said.

22cans said those who already have the games will be able to continue playing them.

Godus launched on Steam Early Access in September of 2013, and the more combat-centric spin-off Godus Wars followed on Steam Early Access in February of 2016.

Neither Godus nor Godus Wars ever left Early Access on Steam.

Godus has a Mostly Negative review rating with 25% of reviewers giving the game a thumbs up, while Godus Wars reviews are Overwhelmingly Negative with just 14% giving the game a positive assessment.

Godus continues to be available on mobile, where 22cans founder Peter Molyneux told us in October it is “performing really well.”

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