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Gamecity Hamburg to provide €400,000 for game prototypes

Gamecity Hamburg has announced that it will be offering developers a total of 400,000 in support.

Start-ups and studios, small and medium-sized, based in Hamburg can apply for Gamecity Hamburg’s Prototype Funding.

They can receive up to €80,000 to create video game prototypes, with a maximum of €120,000.

Applications for the Gamecity Hamburg’s Prototype Funding will run from March 7 until April 8.

This year, a diversity checklist was introduced, which aims to “contribute to more diversity in the team structure and prototype content.”

The checklist features a questionnaire that ranges from questions regarding a development team’s makeup and if the game features topics and characters marginalized by ethnicity and gender.

“In this funding round, we’re adding a diversity checklist to our application documents to encourage our applicants to examine their own structures and processes while developing,” said the head of Gamecity Hamburg, Dennis Schoubye.

“Games are the leading medium of our time and can showcase diverse voices, perspectives, and stories.”

Answering the diversity checklist will be mandatory when applying for the Prototype Funding.

“Applicants whose team and/or project enriches the diversity of Hamburg’s games landscape can receive a bonus in the evaluation by the awarding committee, said Schoubye.”

Since 2020, Prototype Funding has supported 26 projects with more than €1,450,000.

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